Digitize your
EU Covid Certificate

Create a digital copy of your EU Covid Certificate and store it safely in your mobile wallet.


  • Vaccination Certificate

  • Certificate of Recovery

  • Test Certificate

This service is offered free for general public as a part of our contribution in the battle with Covid-19 pandemic.

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No need to install a specialized app

The file size of a digital pass is only a few kilobytes and it is easily reachable in your mobile wallet you may have already installed to store other passes and cards.

No tracking or
data collection

Digital pass does not track you, nor does it collect data about your location. It is a digital container of your QR code.


Once you download your digital certificate, you do not need to be connected to Wi-Fi or use your mobile data.


Choose your device:



Open this page on your mobile phone and click the button above to start creating your digital pass.



Upload a screenshot of the QR code, or scan your paper certificate with your mobile camera.


Our system will read the QR code and create a digital pass of the information found. 


The pass is ready for download, follow the link and instructions on the download page.


Your digital pass is saved in Wallet - a native app stored in every iPhone. 


Flip the pass by clicking the three dots in the upper right corner and read details on the back of it.

I cannot generate my digital certificate pass, I am receiving an error “The uploaded file does not contain a certificate or was not recognized”. Why?

Our service was developed for EU Covid Certificates (also called Digital Green Certificate), which should be launched within EU during summer. Some countries have already implemented them, and you are automatically receiving an EU Covid Certificate, however in other countries it’s still in progress, or you may receive them on request at local authorities. Please note that local QR codes have different tech specifications and are not eligible for generating our digital certificate passes. To learn more on the EU timeline, visit their website.

Can I change the pass language?

Currently we offer Digital Certificate Passes in Czech, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Catalan, Galician, Portuguese, Slovenian, Croatian, Ukrainian and Russian language. They are automatically displayed in the same language as the system language of your mobile device. If you wish to change the language of your pass, you have to change the default language setting of your mobile device. If you want to contribute and help us with translations to other languages, please let us know, we will appreciate it.

Where do I store my Digital Certificate Pass?

If you own an iPhone, simply download your Digital Certificate Pass to Apple Wallet application (if you have not used it yet - it is a native app in every iPhone). For Android users, we developed YourWallet, an alternative to the Apple Wallet. Download YourWallet from Google Play, it is free and you may find it useful for your loyalty cards and other digital wallet products. Read more about YourWallet.


What technology is used for Digital Certificate Passes?

PKPASS is a standardised format for digital wallets, brought by Apple in 2012. PKPASS technology is used for boarding passes, coupons, loyalty cards, tickets and many more. As an experienced PKPASS developer, we believe the format is perfectly suitable for digitizing the certificates.


How can I remove the pass from my wallet?

Tap the circle with three dots and flip the pass. In iOS, tap to “Remove pass”. In Android, if you are using YourWallet, tap the Trash icon at the top of the screen.


Will authorities accept my Digital Certificate Pass?

Please note that we are not the issuer of the original certificates, and we are not in any way connected with official authorities in your country. We are transferring the same validation QR code from your original paper/PDF certificate to digital format, and the functionality has been tested with all available validation applications at the time of development. We strongly recommend you to have your Certificate original reachable and actively seek for the latest travel information and measures in your destination country.


How can I contact you?

In case of any questions, write us an e-mail to support@yourpass.eu. We speak English and Czech.


Is it safe to store my Covid certificate in mobile wallet?

We believe it is as safe as having it downloaded in your computer or e-mail. In your own interest, your device should be password protected. Read more about official Digital Covid Certificates here.


Do you collect any data from my certificate?

We do not collect any contact data, only data stored in your QR code. Read more in our Privacy Policy.

Withdrawal of consent to the processing of personal data


About us

We are YOUR PASS, a global player on the Digital Wallet field covering markets across several countries and proudly supporting our customers such as Mastercard, AXA, Allianz, Vienna Insurance Group, Erste Private Banking, Škoda, BMW, O2 and many more.


Besides other projects, we developed YourWallet, a mobile wallet app for multifunctional digital passes and loyalty cards for Android users.

As an independent technology company providing a suitable tool for such purpose, we would like to offer it to general public for free and contribute in the battle with Covid-19. We believe that whoever will be satisfied and happy with mobile wallet technology, will more likely use it in the future.

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