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Details and conditions of the Service provided

This document provides more detailed information about this Service and the Terms and Conditions of its use.

Please note that we are not the issuer of the original certificate and we are not affiliated in any way with the official authorities in any country. Through our tools, we allow you to transfer the validation QR code from your original paper or PDF certificate to a digital medium. This functionality has been tested by currently available applications in different countries at the time of development of this tool. 

We strongly recommend that you always keep the original paper of your certificate within reach as well, so that you can prove it if necessary and actively seek for the latest travel information and measures in your destination country.

We do not guarantee that government authorities or other entities will accept this form of storing the official "EU Digital Covid Certificate" format.

Digital Card 

  • This is a digital copy of your official paper EU Digital Covid Certificate.

  • And its content is based entirely on the data you provide from the QR code you submit. YourPass is in no way responsible for the content and veracity of the data provided.

  • If you need to issue a new certificate, delete the old digital card and create a new digital card, i.e. the card is not updated in any way.

We do not guarantee:

  • availability of this service and we also reserve the right to discontinue this service at any time

  • that official authorities or other organisations accept this form of storing the official "EU Digital Covid Certificate" format

  • That the 3rd party validation application recognizes, reads and correctly evaluates the digital card. The readability of the QR code depends on the quality of the mobile phone and the reader.

The official document can be obtained from the relevant national websites. For example, for the Czech Republic this is  From our experience so far, this form is accepted = it is just a digital copy of the paper certificate and within the Czech Republic the QR code on this digital card is also correctly evaluated by the official “cTecka” application provided by the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic.

We use Google Analytics and similar tools to analyse traffic on this website, we do not collect contact details or other identifiers for the purpose of further communication or trading with your data.


Other resources:

Information for EU citizens about digital certificates on the European Union website:

Publicly available technical specifications on the EU website:

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